Pt. Nusa Alam Rubber

Part of the Namazie International Group, PT. Nusa Alam Rubber, Factory Code DAY, was built in 2014-2019 in Banten, Indonesia. PT. Nusa Alam Rubber has an experienced production team which is very focused on quality.

It has a production capacity of about 30,000 MT per Annum and produces SIR10, SIR20 as well as compound and mixture rubbers.

Approved by many leading tyre manufacturers, PT. Nusa Alam Rubber exports its rubber through the port of Jakarta which is a major advantage for customers in terms of availability of empty containers and lower freight charges.

It sources raw material from its collection centres in Lampung Province which is one of the largest producing regions in Indonesia.

PT. Nusa Alam Rubber exports to many countries including China, India, Korea, Taiwan, Turkey, Middle East, North and South America and Australia.


Jalan Cibaranang KM30 Nanggerang

Desa Haugajrug, Kec.Cipanas

Lebank Banten 42732 INDONESIA

Phone:+62 21 4466-6060

Fax:+62 21 5565 4895

Contact Person:Mr. Reza Namazie, President Director