1910 – M.A.Namazie, a successful Persian textile trader, migrated to Singapore from India and founded M.A.Namazie & Co.

1928 - The company grew rapidly venturing into property development and movie distribution among other things. The iconic Capitol Theatre, which he built that year, was the largest and most modern movie theatre of its day.

1928 –The rise of the automobile in the roaring 1920s had created a huge demand for rubber and M. A. Namazie acquired about 6000 hectares in Johor to plant rubber.

1931 – The Crash of 1929 and the Great Depression that followed saw the price of rubber fall to as low as 4 cents to a pound! The declining fortunes forced the Company to sell off their plantations to the British company, Guthrie. Tragically, M.A. Namazie died suddenly of a heart attack in 1931 dealing the Company a double blow.

1955 – The youngest son M.Y.Namazie struck out on his own to found Namazie Trading Company which is the present day Namazie International Pte. Ltd.

1965 – The company obtained a concession from the Sinai Manganese Co.to supply gypsum to the fast growing Malaysian cement industry. They chartered their own bulk vessels and became agents for various shipping lines. The company was renamed Namazie Shipping and Trading.

1974 – The company started to trade in coffee to supply customers in Europe and the Middle East.

1981 – As oil and rubber prices soared, the company became one of the leading exporters of Standard Malaysian Rubber (SMR) serving the fast growing Middle East market.

1998 – The Asian financial crisis saw many large trading houses go bust. Fortunately the company survived with its reputation strengthened.

2003 – The company was renamed Namazie International to focus on its core rubber trading business becoming an approved dealer to the Tire majors such as Goodyear, Bridgestone and Michelin.

2008 – Started direct sales to Chinese traders and end users. Established a subsidiary in Qingdao to trade in RMB futures and supply rubber on ex-warehouse Qingdao delivery basis.

2013 - Built SIR20 factory, PT Nusa Alam Rubber Code “DAY,” in Indonesia to move into upstream rubber processing business.

2015 - Strategic partnership with Namazie Europe SRL to establish a European presence to better serve customers in the EU.

2017 - Partnerships with cup lump suppliers in West Africa to be able to sell cup lump and buy back SMR (tolling) from Malaysian processors.